8 Things Financial Advisors Wish You Realized About Retirement

Three in five Americans are very likely to work longer than they’d like to meet their personal retirement goals, according to a recent study. And that's not the only retirement surprise in store. Here's what planners wish you knew.

'Asset Allocation' Is In Serious Decline

I think it is fair to say that asset allocation as a concept is now well-rooted in the investment planning process. But, conventional wisdom about investing has a history of being helpful until it crashes and burns, taking years of retirement savings with it.

Why Are Fintechs Not Killing Credit Scoring Agencies?

Every month, £14.99 comes out of my account because I have been too lazy to cancel my subscription with Experian and yes, I know that there are arguably better and cheaper (free) services out there which will give me the same information that paid-for companies can.

How Parents Can Use Back-To-School Shopping As A Financial Lesson

Over the next six weeks, 54 million school children will head back to school. As the average family will spend $510 per child on back-to-school expenses. parents should use this moment as a chance to teach their children a key financial skill - budgeting.

How To Kick Debt To The Curb: Advice From The Experts

With total consumer debt at an all-time high, surpassing even those levels from the Great Recession, getting out of debt has become the new American dream. Three experts share their advice on how to successfully overcome debt.

The Big Benefit Of Diversification No One Talks About

Diversification isn’t a cornerstone of most solid investment plans by chance. It offers a host of potential benefits, such as lowering portfolio volatility and increased risk-adjusted returns. But there’s often another, rarely discussed, additional benefit as well; the “diversification premium”.